ADA Compliant Handicap Toilets

Our handicap lavatory building stall dimensions are 7' (2.1m) x 7' (2.1m).  In compliance with the ADA Regulations, they contain paddle handled faucets, paddle handled door handles on a 36" wide door, regulation grab bars and a regulation ADA toilet seat.  Our ADA compliant stall has a 4" steel frame base with encapsulated tine ports for easy mobilty.  In addition, our 1" thick walls are made from 60% recyled composite material.   Each wall is covered with aluminum corners, with standard non-skid vinyl flooring. 


Water source can be our water tank with a battery or electrically operated water pressure pump, or a garden hose.  The waste disposal can be our 300 gallon (1200 Liter) holding tank or your septic or municipal sewer system (mains) .  

ADA Compliant, Handicap, Shower, Unisex, Women'a Stall
Single Stall ADA Compliant Handicap Toilet

ADA Compliant with a Fresh Water Hand Wash and Toilet Flush


The stand alone handicap lavatory building has ceramic fixtures, electricity, hot water, air conditioning, heat, grab bars, receptacle for light and exhaust fan control, skylight, mirror, waste basket, clothes hooks, dispensers for foaming hand soap, toilet tissue (9" toilet roll holder) and paper towels. 

Grab Bars, ADA Toilet, ADA Sink, Wheelchair, Unisex
Handicap, Single Stall, ADA Compliant, Air Conditioning, Water Source
women's, ADA Combined, Unisex, Multiple Stalls, Family Restroom
Men's Stall, Women's Stall, ADA Stall, Handicap Stall, Unisex Stall
Multiple Stall ADA Compliant Handicap Toilet

We offer a selection of  stalls that let us customize your lavatory  building to fit your particular requirements.


We offer larger lavatory stalls for unisex, men's, women's, ADA compliant, and a combination women's and handicap stall.

Ground Level, Privacy, Hygienic, Fresh Water Hand Wash
Ceramic Fixtures, No RV Fixtures, Fresh Water Flush, Foaming Hand Soap
Larger Stall, Grab Bars, FEMA Approved Holding Tank, Fresh Water Hand Wash
Wheelchair Compatible Comfort Station or Portable Toilet
We have made an effort to make convenience affordable.


Our Model WCA 800A does not look like a portable toilet, has 1/2" composite graffiti resistant walls and many of the same appointments as the ADA Compliant lavatory buildings.  The Model 700A wheelchair compatible portable toilet is both larger and has a FEMA approved portable toilet holding tank.


Not A Portable Toilet, Change Room, Hand Wash, Graffiti Resistant Walls, Shower